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The Muon g-2 team is in the process of moving a 50-foot-wide particle storage ring from New York to Illinois. Follow the move of the ring with our GPS-powered map and our up-to-the-minute blog.

Muon g-2 (pronounced gee minus two) will use Fermilab's powerful accelerators to explore the interactions of short-lived particles known as muons with a strong magnetic field in "empty" space. Scientists know that even in a vacuum, space is never empty. Instead, it is filled with an invisible sea of virtual particles that—in accordance with the laws of quantum physics—pop in and out of existence for incredibly short moments of time. Scientists can test the presence and nature of these virtual particles with particle beams traveling in a magnetic field.


Moving Big Science from New York to Illinois

The Muon g-2 experiment will kick off this summer with the move of a 50-foot-wide particle storage ring from Brookhaven to Fermilab. The experiment will study the magnetic wobble of muons.

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